24th January 2022

On the final show of 2021 the storming of Capitol Hill on the 6th of January was again highlighted in the context of former chief of staff Mark Meadow’s refusal to appear before the select committee investigating the circumstances surrounding the riot which resulted in the deaths of 5 people and in particular the role, if any, of the ex-president Donald Trump therein. Our contributor Seamus Gunn highlighted that it should not be forgotten that 5 people lost their lives as a result and that a further 4 first responders took their own lives in the months that followed. He said that there had been a decision by a federal Judge in Colombia last month in favor of the select committee gaining access to records, documents and memos of the ex-president leading up to the 6th of January 2021 which has now been appealed to the US Court of Appeal for the District Circuit of Colombia. Greg Hughes thought that it was politics that was playing out and he wondered whether anything would come of it. Seamus Gunn was of the view that while politics did play a role, the investigation had to take its course and evidence; documents, memos, records, texts, emails, etc. would have to be accessed by the select committee. He said that while the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi was a Democrat, it was interesting the Vice Chair Liz Cheney is a Republican. He thought that this story was going to gain traction in the New Year as the ex-president would circle the wagons, he was urging associates not to cooperate, while the select committee were for proceeding and that they would likely instigate a criminal contempt charge against Mark Meadows for his refusal to cooperate and attend for the purpose of giving a deposition.

One of the most varied Q&A of the year followed, listen to the full interview below.


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