Land Law & Disputes

Our firm offers a high level of expertise in all areas of land law, particularly land disputes, which can often be a complicated and stressful situation for clients.

The following are typical types of disputes which we would be happy to assist you with:

  1. Rights of Way (Easements) – This is a right of access and passage over someone else’s private property to get to a certain piece of land. This right attaches to the land itself and issues may arise around whether the right of way exists, the ownership of the right and whether the right is being used correctly.
  2. Boundary Disputes – You may have a dispute with your neighbour over where a boundary begins and ends, or regarding overhanging trees or encroaching building extensions. Unneighbourly conduct such as high noise levels or anti-social behaviour can also be a practical issue for clients.
  3. Landlords and Tenants – Landlords and Tenants have certain rights and obligations under their Lease and under the relevant Tenancy We advise on issues such as damage to a rented property or unpaid rent or bills by a Tenant, or a lack of services being provided by the Landlord.
  4. Adverse possession – The period of occupation required to make an adverse possession claim on another person’s land is 12 years. You must occupy the land solely and continuously, and you must prove that your intention was to exclude all other persons from using the land. Our team has plenty of experience dealing with these cases and we can advise on the likelihood of your claim being successful based on the facts of the case and the history of the property.

We offer professional advice to our clients on all the available options in resolving these types of disputes and we will endeavour to find a cost effective and pragmatic solution suited to our clients’ needs.

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