14th May 2021

As we fast approach our 12th Zoom contribution to the show, the North Carolina cases of Molly & Thomas Martens were discussed at the opening, Greg enquiring as to the interest in the prospect of a retrial of the Martens for the murder of Jason Corbett in 2015. Seamus Gunn discussed the game changer that would have been a Plea bargain if the District Attorney for Davidson County, Gary Frank had acceded to this approach from the Defence. He was of the view that a manslaughter conviction would carry a sentence of between 51 and 64 months and that the couple having to date served 44 months, such a result could have meant that a further 2 years would be the maximum that they would serve for the crime. He explained that the DA had backed away from this and neither confirmed or denied it, but that it was common knowledge in the reporting and the media that there had been some discussion and that as an option it was being examined. He gave some insight into the different optics of the case in the USA and in Ireland, in particular in Limerick where Jason Corbett’s 2 children currently reside with an aunt and uncle. He explained the 2 points being relied on by the Defence to seek a retrial in that they claimed that relevant evidence being statements from the 2 children, now aged 16 and 14 were not admitted at the initial trial and that there was also a question mark of a blood stain. He said that the children’s statements could be a double-edged sword, as on their return to Limerick, while they had recanted the initial statements in the USA, they had furnished much more fulsome statements when back in Ireland. He was of the view that a retrial was the right result, but he had serious misgivings as to whether a retrial would result in a change in the verdict herein. He said that the Martens could be faced with the prospect of having to return to jail, they both being now released on bail.

There will obviously be more to follow whenever a date for the retrial is set. The Questions and Answers session that followed was as usual, wide, and varied and can be listened to online.

Listen to the full interview below:

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