16th October 2023

In the first show after the summer recess at the start of Autumn, the woes of Donald Trump were discussed in the context of the impact or otherwise of the 91 charges pending against him in various jurisdictions in the USA; New York, Florida, Washington and Georgia. Seamus Gunn took the view this morning that Donald Trump’s agenda was not being hindered by his exposure to the charges pending. He said that the Trump cavalcade is the only media show running in the USA and that they have kept him very much to the fore while President Biden was left in the background. He said that while he did not agree with the tactics, he thought that it suited Trump’s narrative and that it certainly galvanized his support, but it was the middle ground that had to be won. He was not convinced that this would have any appeal to the undecided electorate in the US and this would be where the race would be won or lost. He said he thought that America at this juncture needed some new young and fresh blood in both camps. He referenced the Kamala Harris succession plan that he understood was in place prior to the last election for the democrats which does not seem to have materialized. He suggested that if Donald Trump would stand down and, in his place, bring in a younger candidate, they could maximize Trump’s support and appeal to the undecided. This may be the only option if the Republicans are to regain the White House. Greg Hughes raised the point of the charges being politically motivated, to which Seamus Gunn countered that the Washington conspiracy charges which resulted in the loss of 5 lives with multiple prosecutions and convictions to date, in his view could not be interpreted as political. 

You can listen to the full interview here: